Animal Dentist Consultant, Dr. Don DeForge

Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry


  • Oral Surgery-Dr. DeForge, Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry welcomes the referral of difficult extraction cases and offers treatment planning in patients with Advanced Periodontal disease. Many patients are affected by or developing pathologic fractures from advanced oral disease. With advanced oral surgery techniques utilizing Radiowave Radiosurgery, teeth can be extracted by Dr. DeForge and areas of pathology treated with Guided Bone Regeneration
  • Root Canal and Crown treatment of damaged dentition
  • Stomatitis Surgery in Cats 
  • Fractured Teeth and Jaw Fractures-Dr. DeForge can perform root canal therapy on broken teeth and stabilize jaw fractures with new age acrylics and non-invasive wiring to allow proper healing and restoration of normal occlusion
  • Emergency treatment of traumatic fractures of teeth with Vital Pulp Therapy-utilized most often in young dogs with immature endodontic development.
  • Bonding in patients with Enamel Hypocalcification
  • Radiowave Radiosurgery-multiple applications including Gingivoplasty in Boxers
  • Diagnosis and treatment of resorptive lesions
  • The Treatment of CAUGP- Canine Acute Ulcerative Gangrenous Periodontitis
  • Extractions in geriatric patients with Pathological Fractures
  • TMJ fracture/dislocation in cats from trauma
  • Tumor Removal and Cyst removal
  • Oral Incisional and Excisional Biopsy-Oncology
  • Orthodontia for function and pain control
  • Bone and Antibiotic Implants


Dr. DeForge provides in gratis telephone and E-Mail consults:
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